Man of la Mancha


Man of la Mancha

Produced by Emerson Stage


Directed by Stephen Terrell

Set Design by Megan F. Kinneen

Costume Design by Arthur Oliver

Lighting Design by Chris Bocchiaro & Samantha Ross


Man of la Mancha is the musical adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes’ classic, Don Quixote.  The show physically takes place in a dungeon of the Spanish Inquisition, though with storytelling, we are taken on a journey of the adventures of a knight errant and his faithful squire.  


In this design, height is used to convey the depth of oppression faced by the inmates.  The dungeon is an inescapable pit, and there is one way out.  The rounded steps mimic Greek amphitheatre seating. As the inmates leave the nests they’ve made there, they transform from audience to actors in Quixote’s quest.

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