I'm Back!

By mfkdesign, May 29 2014 07:29PM

Hello Again!

After far, far too long I have portfolio updates at last! The past year and a half has been a crazy marathon of lots of exciting projects and I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and share some of what's been going on.

First up, I've added two new set design pages for your viewing pleasure: A Streetcar Named Desire and The Last Jews. Streetcar was awarded Best Set Design by My Entertainment Awards this spring so that was a great surprise. It was a proud moment for me and also a nice chance to be reminded of all the great people I met and had a chance to work with on that production. It was a really great team and I'm excited to be working with some again in the future (no spoilers yet-but stay tuned)! The Last Jews was a really fun production to work on as well, and I'm especially grateful to Larry Jay Tish and Margaret Ann Brady for letting me have so much fun with that design.

Also new in the scenic art portfolio area is Possessions though besides painting, I also found the props and designed the projection slides. The props section unfortunately is still a little small at the moment. It is not for lack of projects let me tell you! Most of my theater work for the past year has been very props heavy. It's a fun challenge. I like being able to tell a story with a prop. I suppose letters are an obvious example, but I won't be deterred! When I did props for Operation Epsilon last winter (at Central Square Theater), I did in fact hand write the letters that all the German scientists recieved from home. They talked about how their kids were, or sisters or parents or wives. I took the time to research tthe real life stories of each scientist and try to give the characters something they could grab on to if they wanted. Most times I will never know if an actor even has a chance to read what is written. But if they do, I hope that letter means even more to them in whatever moment it's onstage and can become some sort of touchstone. At the end of the day in set design, in props, in illustration, for me, it's all about finding creative ways to tell the story that aren't necessarly verbalized. I'm admittedly not the best with words, but with the details, I feel I can say a lot.

And with that little nugget, I will leave you all for now! I have a little work to do over the next day or two and then I should have some illustration news up next...

All my best!


Jan 4 2015 05:14PM by Andrew Guthrie

The site and content are excellently photographed and showcased, I can't help but wonder what the dragon skeleton looks like though.

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